I’m Tarek Sakhi or Fearleas, I’m currently 16 years old and live in the Netherlands. Besides still going to school I have a few other hobbies fitness, programming and physics.


I enjoy working out because it taught me that you should work hard for your goals and that you can’t achieve these goals without putting the effort in(unless you cheat). It also is a good way to clear my mind so I can rethink my choices and what I did wrong.


I first came in touch with programming when I was about 12 years old. Back then I thought it was the thing I saw hackers do on tv. You know hit some keys, type some words and things happen. So that was what I tried doing. I set up an IDE just created a new file and typed “HACKED THE PLANET” hit run and… ERROR, damn it. My dreams were crushed, but no worries I told myself I just follow this video and I will learn how to code. And that was the beginning of an epic and really long journey. But it is almost 5 years later and I still enjoy it. To me, it just feels like having superpowers. And that feeling is just amazing.


I always found space amazing and when I was young I was always asking myself how can this happen or how does this work? What are stars? Why are do they shine? Why can we float on the moon and not on earth? And millions of other question most of them about the universe and the existence of life. Then in school, I found about a thing called physics. Physics was the thing that could answer a lot of questions. So started learning physics in school, but I recently found a topic so interesting I just wanted to learn it, Quantum Mechanics. So yeah, that is the challenge I am taking now learning more about Quantum Mechanics, I realized after one day that is pretty difficult, but a hell of a lot of fun.

So yeah that is a very little bit about me. And on this website, you can find some of the work I do and probably if I get the time to some blog posts.